About Us

In-Syscon Ltd

In-Syscon is an international supplier of electric and electronic components for industrial manufacturing plants. At In-Syscon, we believe that pricing, availability, technical specifications and service should be transparent, fast to find, and easy to understand. That is why In-Syscon allows you to streamline the engineering workflow and minimize downtime. With In-Syscon, you can focus more on what is important for you. Our customers from a large array of industries have relied on our expertise, quality, flexibility and affordable services. Satisfied customers choose In-Syscon because of their need for excellent customer service, competent technical support and immediate availability of a vast assortment of products and services. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a local manufacturer – We are willing to go that extra mile to satisfy your expectations. This means that we happily customize our logistics and financial services to suit your needs.

Our mission

As a sales focused business, we aim to provide a worldwide service of providing electronic components to the manufacturing industry. Our goal is to streamline the engineering workflow and as a result: minimise downtime. Phased out and obsolete parts will no longer be out of reach thanks to our availability of stock and certified network of partners. We believe that a quality tested part can be just reliable as a current production line part. Therefore, we offer our excellent services to customers worldwide and maintain great relationships with our partners.

Our Vision

In-Syscon treats every contact as an opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship with our customers and partners. We strive to meet every customer expectation with an excellent tailored service. To achieve this, we are happy to provide our knowledge, experience and creative solutions for your business. Quality and efficiency are essential to every aspect of business to give our customers assurance – Allowing our customers to focus on what’s important for them. We aim to continue learning and sharing our expertise to create a distinguished relationship with each of our customers and partners.

Why We supply a different Experience

In-Syscon offers multiple services to suit what you need at all times. Whether you are looking for current or discontinued components, new or remanufactured, or if you require a repair or service exchange, we are here to help.

In-Syscon supports you as a unique partner with the supply of all kinds of electric and electronic automation components of the main brands used in the industrial manufacturing plants in all sectors.

In-Syscon complements a quality service with the commitment to give a quick and effective response whithin 24 hours. We know how important it is to our customers that they can count on us at anytime.

In-Syscon helps you to reduce your supply chain costs by giving you the opportunity to gather the purchase of your main brands of electric and electronic automation components in a single place. We offer very competitive prices thanks to our network of more than 150 national and international reliable suppliers.