About Us


In-Syscon is an international supplier of electric and electronic components for industrial manufacturing plants. Our main goal is to support companies to keep their production lines moving.

We offer a personalized service in order to make our customers accomplish their goals in cost reduction and making them consider us a partner as their main point of support.

Our Mission and Corporate Values

Our mission as a team and company is to offer the best distribution service of electric and electronic components for the worldwide automation industry, being an international benchmark for the largest industrial manufacturing plants in the world. In-Syscon was born as a project developed by a team of professionals who as well as having the same business concept, also believe in these corporate values which guide our professional actions based on:

We have over 200
Certified Partners

Why We supply a different Experience

In-Syscon offers multiple services to suit what you need at all times. Whether you are looking for current or discontinued components, new or remanufactured, or if you require a repair or service exchange, we are here to help.
In-Syscon supports you as a unique partner with the supply of all kinds of electric and electronic automation components of the main brands used in the industrial manufacturing plants in all sectors.
In-Syscon complements a quality service with the commitment to give a quick and effective response whithin 24 hours. We know how important it is to our customers that they can count on us at anytime.
In-Syscon helps you to reduce your supply chain costs by giving you the opportunity to gather the purchase of your main brands of electric and electronic automation components in a single place. We offer very competitive prices thanks to our network of more than 150 national and international reliable suppliers.